Vueit Welcomes Michael Blackson!

Posted on Jun 24, 2014 in Actors, Blog, Comedians

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 23, 2014 Vueit Technology, LLC. Vueit Celebrates Michael Blackson Joining The Vueit Vuemaker Family Premium Social network signs another high profile celebrity. Dallas, TX: Today, Vueit Technology, LLC, developer of the premium social network, Vueit, is pleased to announce the addition of comedian, Michael Blackson to its growing list of Vuemakers. Blackson is a hot, young comedian and has been achieving significant acclaim in the world of standup and skit comedy. Most recently, he completed Adrian Peterson’s All Pros of Comedy tour with fellow comedians AJ Johnson, Brandon T. Jackson, Gary Owen, Tommy Davidson and Joe Torry. Vueit is a private social network facilitating the sharing of exclusive content from celebrities to their most loyal fans. “Connecting with my fans, an additional creative outlet, and getting paid.”, said Michael Blackson. “Who doesn’t want to do that?” “Michael joining Vueit allows us to show how comedians can take advantage of our private social network, ” said Jerry Stevenson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Vueit Technologies. “We expect him to create a whole new definition for ‘LMAO’ on Vueit, bringing a large new group of Vuers.” Vueit is gaining a grassroots following and is quickly finding its place in the social media network world. Using a monthly subscription model, fans (Vuers) follow a celebrity (Vuemaker) without ads or worrying about abuse of privacy. Vueit allows Vuemakers to monetize their social media presence, sharing in the revenues they generate. About Vueit Technology, LLC. Founded in 2013, Vueit Technology, LLC’s premium app, Vueit is a private social network that facilitates the sharing of exclusive content from Vuemakers through video and photos to their most loyal fans. The application is a subscription model, featuring both free and fee-based Vuemakers. The Vueit app is available for iPhone now and an Android version is under development. For media enquiries or more information, please contact: Vueit Technology, LLC Kent Teague, President 1719 Angel Parkway Suite 400 Box 113 Allen, Tx 75002 972-569-9555 Follow Vueit Technology, LLC on: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Press Contact:...

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Revenue share as a model for the future and fairness

Posted on Jun 20, 2014 in Blog, Vuemakers

Monetizing content is a subject of concern to content delivery companies from Forbes to Netflix.  In the world of social media, it’s no different. Facebook’s Q4 earnings for 2013 showed that it made 53% ($1.37 billion) of it’s revenue from mobile ads served on it’s mobile app.  Twitter made $595 million on ad revenue for 2013 + $70 on selling data and licensing. And while Facebook does not currently break out revenues for Instagram, analysts have estimated that Instagram pulled in as much as $340 million for the year for Facebook. There is obviously plenty of money to be made in selling advertising on social media. But to who’s benefit? Social media is a celebrity-driven industry, mostly lead by music artists. Half (49%) of the top 100 accounts on Twitter are music artists. If you include actors/talk show hosts, professional athletes and comedians, that number jumps to 74. Those entertainers are generating the page views for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that these companies can enjoy all of those advertising dollars. But the companies are making that money on the backs of the entertainers. And the entertainers are not receiving any direct financial benefit from their efforts on those platforms. But, ad revenues are dropping from year to year according to research firm eMarketer, while subscription-based services like Hulu, Spotify, and Pandora are thriving. And those companies actually pay out royalties to the content providers and entertainers. There are upstart social networks attempting to do the same; UpFront and Hang W/. Hang W/ plans to share advertising revenue with content producers, not only to the entertainers, but to anyone who can gain a large enough following. Those ads appear before a video or stream plays (called pre-roll advertising). UpFront uses a subscription service and has no ads. They split revenue of the subscriptions with the celebrity in a 70/30 split, with UpFront taking 30% and taking care of the infrastructure costs. Currently, there is not a lot of activity on UpFront, but Hang W/ is gaining some ground because it is an open network. How does this compare with Vueit? We are utilizing a subscription model on a private network and the photos and videos offered by the celebrities are exclusive to Vueit. They are not shared across the open social networks like Twitter or Instagram. We have a  tiered revenue split with celebrities (Vuemakers) giving them the ability to earn between 20% and 50% based upon how many subscribers (Vuers) they have. Pay outs do not occur every month or every quarter, but twice a month. Vueit is for the super fan, not the passive fan, like on the open networks. And because of that, our Vuemakers are incentivized to provide them with exclusive and real connections and not a series of different ways to take a selfie. Sharing the revenues with these Vuemakers that are generating the revenue makes...

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Vueit Vuemaker Info: The Value of Super Fans

Posted on Jun 18, 2014 in Blog, Vuemakers

Vuemakers on the Vueit app are not the ones that post a selfie every now and then to pacify the hunger for more their fans or as we call the Vuers. You can’t interact with Vuers the same way you might on some of the open networks. Vuers are super fans. They are actually paying to get that exclusive video content from you that is superior than the content shared on the open networks. Super fans go to your concerts, they buy your merchandise, the binge watch entire season of your television series, they subscribe to your premium channel on Vueit. Super fans have special names like Little Monsters, Barbies, Beliebers, Deadheads, Parrotheads, etc. These are the ones that actually retweet you, share your posts, and Like your posts. Have you ever noticed that while some celebrities have millions of fans or followers on any particular social media outlet, they never reach a third of that number of Likes on a particular post, no matter how compelling? That’s because most fans/followers are passive. Super fans are active. They crave content from you and actively share it with others. Vuers are super fans. They happily consume your content. And they pay for the privilege to do so. They are the ones that binge view entire seasons of a show on Netflix or Hulu. Give them a deeper connection. Rob Gregory of Digiday states that to get better engagement, you need a deeper connection with your super fans, they are influencers and will evangelize for you. With Vueit, there is no need for verified accounts because all Vuemakers are added manually. So, it’s not a fake account. It’s not a social media team posting a bunch of quotes and stored photos. The fact that it’s actually you on video is very important in exhibiting authenticity. You are engaging directly and not just having an assistant hold the phone while you are on stage, shopping or on vacation. So get out there and make a real connection and...

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Super Fans and social media: How to find and reward them

Posted on Jun 14, 2014 in Blog, Vuemakers

Vueit is an app that is tailor made for the superfan. A superfan can be described as a person who shows a great deal of enthusiasm for something; such as a sports team or entertainer. (Thank you, Wikipedia) These are not fans that just listen to your song on the radio or watch your show on television. Superfans show up early to games and tailgate. They are decked out in your merchandise. They have your posters on their walls. They elevate you above themselves. For a great example, think about the “Da Bears” sketch from SNL. Who would win a fight between Ditka and God? Answer: Trick question. Ditka IS God. This is typical superfan behavior. They live for the extreme passion for all things surrounding their favorite celebrity. Superfans hold a lot of value to celebrities, what we call Vuemakers. They are the type for fans that will subscribe to your channel on Vueit. So how do you find and reward those superfans. Take a look at this article on for more on acquiring...

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