Vueit Music/Tech News: Amazon launches Amazon Prime Music Streaming Service

Posted on Jun 12, 2014 in Blog

So today in Vueit Music and Tech News, Amazon launched their long expected music streaming service as part of their Amazon Prime member benefits. The service will have no ads. But they will also be launching without the largest music group, Universal. But we expect that deal to hammered out soon. We applaud Amazon for trying to buck the norm of the music streaming subscription service that exist like Spotify, Pandora, Apple, Beats, etc. Most have a free version with ads and a premium version that is ad-free. Amazon, however, is making their service ad-free as part of their Amazon Prime membership. So, if you have Amazon Prime ($99/yr), you not only get the free 2-day shipping for products you buy on Amazon, streaming movies, tv shows and Kindle lending library, but you get the music streaming service ad-free, as well. It’s really quite brilliant move because, while Amazon is one of the largest sellers of digital music in the world, it is more interested in gaining those long term Amazon Prime customers. They are not obviously after the hard core streamers, but rather the casual listeners that have not signed up for the most popular music streaming services and want to check out what music streaming his like as part of the set of benefits of being a Prime member. In a crowded music streaming marketplace that’s bound to see more failures and more consolidation, this might be a clever way to differentiate themselves from the...

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Vueit Music News: Tupac on Broadway?!

Posted on Jun 9, 2014 in Blog

Yes, that’s right. The late Tupac Shakur, lyrical genius and multi-award winning rapper is going to have his words grace the broadway stage. Holler if Ya Hear Me will be the first hip hop juke-box musical on Broadway. Unlike other efforts on Broadway like Jersey Boys or Abba, this will not be a biography. Instead it will center around a story about the anger and loss suffered by the main character John, played by award-winning slam poet, Saul Williams. Tupac’s lyrics will be rapped and sung throughout the play to help tell the story. Is the world ready for this? I’m not sure, but at the very least, they have my interest because they are trying to do something new. At Vueit Technology, we can relate to those efforts as we get ready to launch our app, Vueit that will shake things up in the world of social media. Check out more information about Holler If Ya Hear Me on Rolling Stone....

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2014 CMT Music Awards Winners

Posted on Jun 6, 2014 in Blog

If you didn’t catch the CMT Awards, then you really missed a treat. Not only were we treated to an opening act that included Florida Georgia Line and Luke Brian, but rockers ZZ Top and R&B artist Jason Derulo were also part of the opening. It was a wonderful concoction of country, rock & r&b. More collaborations like this would definitely be welcome. Now on to the winners. One of America’s sweethearts, Carrie Underwood took home the award for Video of the Year for “See You Again.” Duo Video of the Year was “Round Here” by Florida Georgia Line. “Automatic” by Miranda Lambert received Female Video of the Year. No surprise here. FLG and Luke Bryan won Collaborative Video of the Year for “This is How We Roll.” Luke Bryan shows up again. This time for Performance of the Year with Lionel Richie and their performance at the 2013 CMT Awards. They performed “Oh No/All Night Long” Miranda’s hubby, Blake Shelton also won. His award was for Best Make Video of the Year for his song “Doin’ What She Likes” Cassadee Pope won for Breakthrough Video of the Year for “Wasting All These Tears.” And lastly, for their video of “Done”, The Band Perry take the award for Group Video of the...

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No Ads on Vueit!

Posted on May 26, 2014 in Blog

How to monetize your site/app has been a subject that is constantly being discussed. What’s the right way? Do we simply place ads everywhere there is a blank spot or do we have users pay for the service? Maybe a hybrid system where you get some content for free and other content for pay. Or perhaps a freemium style model where the app is free with ads and you have to pay to have the content free of ads? At Vueit, we had this discussion several times, but we kept coming back to the same conclusion. We don’t like ads in the content we currently consume personally. Take a look at most content-heavy sites like Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. There are ads everywhere. We ask you, do you ignore the ads or are you actively engaged in looking at them? Clicking on them? “no.” I’m sorry, we didn’t hear you. What did you say? “NO!” That’s what we thought. No one likes them. They are seen as visual clutter, wasting pixels on an already small screen. But in-app advertising is already proven model, you say. We respond that we are not in the business of selling ad space. We want to deliver exclusive content from our Vuemakers to their biggest fans in an effective and compelling way. And something tells us you will not think that a pre-roll video ad for some acne cream is going to make sense before watching a video of your favorite Vuemaker singing a portion of a new song they are working on in the studio. So while we could spend all of our time chasing down companies to place ads on our system, we just don’t believe that is what our business is about. And we are not just making these decisions off the cuff, there is data behind it. There’s an article in the Harvard Business Review that discusses this exact issue. The article sums up this topic buy saying that the ads are too small and do not provide value. Four out of five people hate them. Summary? Create compelling content and provide unique value and people will be willing to pay for it. Our thinking is that if the content is exclusive, then it has value. We allow newly registered users (Vuers) full access to all Vuemakers for 30 days so they can see what type of content their favorite celebs are putting out there. Then they can make an informed decision about who to follow. Better yet, some of our Vuemakers are completely free to follow. Just so you understand, we are not totally against ads. It’s just that we believe the way ads are today are not unlike how they were on the web in the late-90s; pervasive, largely unfocused and poorly designed. There are companies that are working on making ads better on mobile and we hope that it...

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To Infinity (Scrolling) and Beyond

Posted on May 20, 2014 in Blog

What’s infinite scroll? Well, that is the object at the bottom of the page that allows you to automatically or click to load additional content on the same page your are on currently. For example, if you have every searched for an image on Google and you scroll to the bottom of the page, it will automatically load the next batch of images for your peruse. No need to click to go to anther page. You will notice it on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds too. Infinite scroll can make or break your user experience. Especially when it’s executed automatically. It’s great for users because you just scroll to a predetermined point and the site will query the server to send more content to the page to keep the scrolling party going. From the standpoint of  data usage, it make sense because it’s only loading in the first 10 or 20 items. And will load the next batch of content when and if you are ready. So when there’s an near infinite amount of content, you don’t have to load every item at one time, putting a strain on your mobile data plan. At Vueit Technology, we have taken this into consideration for our app Vueit. The Vueit app will pull in the first 20 Vues (content) in your feed and then load the next batch of 20 when you have reached the bottom of the batch. One of the biggest negatives of infinite scroll has been when sites didn’t bother redesign their site to allow for access to footer information. With infinite scroll implemented, you would never see the footer long enough to actually use it. Obviously, the fix is to have that content easily accessed elsewhere on the page. This is something that Vueit doesn’t have to be concerned with because we are an app and have no footer to access at the bottom of the page of your Vues feed. Another negative is losing your position on the page. Typically, when you go back to a page that has loaded several batches, your place on that page is lost if you click a pice of content and then click back. In Vueit, we have removed the automatic query to refresh the page with content, so the page that was in memory when you clicked on a video will still be there when you are done watching. Yep, we care that much. And that is just where we are now. There’s more features and updates coming so be the first to get it when it happens. Go to the Apple App Store and download Vueit by Vueit Technology,...

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