Super Fans and social media: How to find and reward them

Posted on Jun 14, 2014 in Blog, Vuemakers

Vueit Super fans

Vueit is an app that is tailor made for the superfan. A superfan can be described as a person who shows a great deal of enthusiasm for something; such as a sports team or entertainer. (Thank you, Wikipedia) These are not fans that just listen to your song on the radio or watch your show on television. Superfans show up early to games and tailgate. They are decked out in your merchandise. They have your posters on their walls. They elevate you above themselves. For a great example, think about the “Da Bears” sketch from SNL. Who would win a fight between Ditka and God? Answer: Trick question. Ditka IS God. This is typical superfan behavior. They live for the extreme passion for all things surrounding their favorite celebrity.

Superfans hold a lot of value to celebrities, what we call Vuemakers. They are the type for fans that will subscribe to your channel on Vueit. So how do you find and reward those superfans. Take a look at this article on for more on acquiring superfans.