Vueit Music News: Tupac on Broadway?!

Posted on Jun 9, 2014 in Blog


Yes, that’s right. The late Tupac Shakur, lyrical genius and multi-award winning rapper is going to have his words grace the broadway stage. Holler if Ya Hear Me will be the first hip hop juke-box musical on Broadway. Unlike other efforts on Broadway like Jersey Boys or Abba, this will not be a biography. Instead it will center around a story about the anger and loss suffered by the main character John, played by award-winning slam poet, Saul Williams. Tupac’s lyrics will be rapped and sung throughout the play to help tell the story.

Is the world ready for this? I’m not sure, but at the very least, they have my interest because they are trying to do something new. At Vueit Technology, we can relate to those efforts as we get ready to launch our app, Vueit that will shake things up in the world of social media.

Check out more information about Holler If Ya Hear Me on Rolling Stone.