Vueit Music/Tech News: Amazon launches Amazon Prime Music Streaming Service

Posted on Jun 12, 2014 in Blog

Vueit Technology NewsSo today in Vueit Music and Tech News, Amazon launched their long expected music streaming service as part of their Amazon Prime member benefits. The service will have no ads. But they will also be launching without the largest music group, Universal. But we expect that deal to hammered out soon.

We applaud Amazon for trying to buck the norm of the music streaming subscription service that exist like Spotify, Pandora, Apple, Beats, etc. Most have a free version with ads and a premium version that is ad-free. Amazon, however, is making their service ad-free as part of their Amazon Prime membership. So, if you have Amazon Prime ($99/yr), you not only get the free 2-day shipping for products you buy on Amazon, streaming movies, tv shows and Kindle lending library, but you get the music streaming service ad-free, as well.

It’s really quite brilliant move because, while Amazon is one of the largest sellers of digital music in the world, it is more interested in gaining those long term Amazon Prime customers. They are not obviously after the hard core streamers, but rather the casual listeners that have not signed up for the most popular music streaming services and want to check out what music streaming his like as part of the set of benefits of being a Prime member.

In a crowded music streaming marketplace that’s bound to see more failures and more consolidation, this might be a clever way to differentiate themselves from the fray.