Vueit: A pure content experience

Posted on Jun 30, 2014 in Blog, Vuemakers, Vuers

One of the great debates in the digital content universe is whether advertising or subscription revenue (or a combination of the two) offers the greatest opportunity for the entertainers and cultural influencers creating content online and on mobile. At Vueit, we are very clear on which side of the fence we sit. We believe offering our Vuers a subscription to valuable content provides them with the best experience. A new study from PWC, “Mobile Advertising: What do consumers want?”, reveals interesting data. Over half — 56% — said they didn’t want to be targeted with mobile ads. Seventy-seven percent said they wouldn’t click on a mobile ad — even if it were made more personally relevant to them. Nearly half have accidentally clicked on a mobile ad when they didn’t want to — an experience they found annoying and interruptive. Likely, these stats are the result of the sheer number of ads that consumers see as they consume digital content. The average person sees over 1700 banner ads per month, and you are more likely to summit Mount Everest than to click on one.

So with Vueit, there are no ad screens launching between our Vuers and the content they want. No pre-roll ads delaying Vuer access to their videos or photos. No sacrificing real estate on the screen with banners that detract from the reason our Vuers are tuning in: connection with premium content our Vuemakers produce. With Vueit, Vuers get a pure content experience. And our Vuemakers know that their content isn’t competing on the screen with other brands. Our Vuers want backstage, insider content, and that’s what they get. Nothing else.