Why Vueit? Social media without the haters

Posted on Jul 2, 2014 in Blog, Vuemakers, Vuers

When we designed the feature set for the Vueit app, we did so with the idea that there are content experiences fans want, but can’t get on other social media or online outlets for content. Many celebrities have embraced Twitter and Instagram. Those platforms include fans, but also trolls, haters, and fake followers via web bots that aren’t even human.


It’s such a phenomenon that Jimmy Kimmel gets regular fodder for his talk show with celebrities reading mean tweets from people who feel entitled to say outrageous things to famous people. For whatever reason, social media tends to put the worst of humanity on display. Just check any comments section on a YouTube video. Unfortunately, the level of connection a real fan can get is limited because celebrities have to hold back.


So we created Vueit to be a platform for the true superfan. Our Vuemakers know that they are talking to real people who have signed up for the exclusive privilege of connecting with them. As a result, what our Vuers get is a deeper, inside view into their lives — whether it’s the workout regimen of a star athlete, the creative process of a successful musician, or a view into life on the road for a touring comedian like Michael Blackson. Vueit has been designed from the beginning to deliver a premium experience you can’t get on any other platform. Check it out and see for yourself.