Vueit Social Network

Vueit by Vueit Technology, LLC is a private, premium social network connecting celebrities, professional athletes, leaders and other influencers with their most loyal followers through their smartphones and tablets. Vuemakers (Influencers) will deliver exclusive content to their Vuers (Members) in the form of video posts, live streaming video and photos.

What’s a Vuemaker? A Vuemaker can be a noted singer, musician, athlete, actor, comedian, business leader, religious figure, self-help gurus, etc. that have a significant fan following. Significant enough that those super fans wanting to receive exclusive content from Vuemakers (not the same as the content shared on the open social networks) are willing to become a member for a small monthly fee.

Vueit has a clean interface and allows Vuers to connect to their favorite Vuemakers in an ad-free environment. There are no haters or trolls to fight with on comments like on other apps.


  • Free 30-day trial with membership!
  • Register for an account within the Vueit app. No need to register through a separate browser.
  • Browse and follow Vuemakers you truly care about and instantly catch up on exclusive video content from your favorite Vuemaker
  • Use on up to 3 devices
  • Mobile and Tablet only so Vueit goes where you go.
  • See the first four (4) or designated videos of each Vuemaker to determine which Vuemakers you want to follow.
  • See and view all of your Vuemakers’ content in your Vues feed or on their profile pages.
  • Ad-free!
  • No haters or trolls!

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