Vueit Team

Kent Teague, President
Because of his various leadership roles in different industries, Kent draws on a unique blend of talents and skills. His leadership and overall business experience aids him in the important aspects of growing a company fast.
His technical background helps him in understanding and creating software products with a competitive advantage. His sales and marketing background gives him the ability to gauge the probability of a product being purchased by potential customers and distributed by potential partners. His career is all about the technology adoption curve.

Kent has had the good fortune of being involved in 4 Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies during his career. So he knows what it takes to build a company from start-up to huge success. He makes use of his Business Administration degree and minor in Computer Science from Trinity University on a daily basis at Vueit.

When you get the chance to be around him you’ll completely understand the phrase “work hard, play hard”.

Jerry D. Stevenson, V.P. of Sales and Marketing
Providing entertainment is what he was created to do. From creating and selling mix-tapes (cassettes) in the eighth grade and promoting parties at colleges to managing the Southwest region for Sony Music. Now, JD is helping celebrities get paid via social media. Working in entertainment for over 20 years, JD has established strong relationships with industry executives and leverages that expertise to introduce Vueit to the entertainers around the world.

Michael Warren, Creative Director
No shirt. No shoes. No problem. Yep, I’m a creative. I’ve been drawing since the 2nd grade and getting compensated for my drawings since the 4th grade. Hustling at an early age. My role is that of Creative Director at Vueit because they said I couldn’t have the title Overweight Lover.

Of course I ended up with two creative degrees (Hook ‘em!); one in Studio Art and the other in Design. Design is a way to actually earn a paycheck in the art industry. Not satisfied with solely living a right brained life, I earned an MBA with a specialization in Marketing Management.

I learned the value of time management while juggling the websites and marketing of  dozens of financial institutions. How to work within the lines adhering to the corporate branding and identity standards of several Fortune 500 High Tech clients. I keep late hours because I learned to operate on very little sleep while at startup email and web marketing firm. Since 2002, I have run my own design and marketing company, Boldface Creative. And since I’m a glutton for punishment, I am doing this startup thing again applying all that I have learned over the last 20+ years.

Fun Fact: I once disarmed and incapacitated a knife wielding football teammate with only my right foot while wearing only a jock strap. Got that visual stuck in your head now, don’t ya? You’re welcome. Create or Die!