Vueit Vuemaker Info: The Value of Super Fans

Posted on Jun 18, 2014 in Blog, Vuemakers

Vueit Super fansVuemakers on the Vueit app are not the ones that post a selfie every now and then to pacify the hunger for more their fans or as we call the Vuers. You can’t interact with Vuers the same way you might on some of the open networks. Vuers are super fans. They are actually paying to get that exclusive video content from you that is superior than the content shared on the open networks.

Super fans go to your concerts, they buy your merchandise, the binge watch entire season of your television series, they subscribe to your premium channel on Vueit. Super fans have special names like Little Monsters, Barbies, Beliebers, Deadheads, Parrotheads, etc. These are the ones that actually retweet you, share your posts, and Like your posts. Have you ever noticed that while some celebrities have millions of fans or followers on any particular social media outlet, they never reach a third of that number of Likes on a particular post, no matter how compelling? That’s because most fans/followers are passive. Super fans are active. They crave content from you and actively share it with others.

Vuers are super fans. They happily consume your content. And they pay for the privilege to do so. They are the ones that binge view entire seasons of a show on Netflix or Hulu.

Give them a deeper connection. Rob Gregory of Digiday states that to get better engagement, you need a deeper connection with your super fans, they are influencers and will evangelize for you. With Vueit, there is no need for verified accounts because all Vuemakers are added manually. So, it’s not a fake account. It’s not a social media team posting a bunch of quotes and stored photos. The fact that it’s actually you on video is very important in exhibiting authenticity. You are engaging directly and not just having an assistant hold the phone while you are on stage, shopping or on vacation.

So get out there and make a real connection and Vueit.